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Longwood Gardens (7:00 AM EDT)
Meet at 7 am at Camp Hill Shopping Mall near Arby’s. This is a two-hour drive and will return around 3:00 pm. Lunch at Longwood Gardens. We will photograph tulips (wild color) and if rain we will move inside to the main conservatory. This is a most requested trip and is best during the week. Tripods encouraged and you need a normal, wide angle and telephoto along with a macro lens. Admission is $20. Leader Steve Bootay
Railroad Museum of PA –Strasburg (8:00 AM EDT)
Meet at 8:00 am -We will be photographing the Railroad Museum of PA in Strasburg with football fields full of trains and most are indoors but this time we will concentrate on the outdoor trains and the grounds around the train station. We will meet at the Giant Super Market at the Camp Hill Mall and park near the Arby’s close to Route15. We will depart at 8:00 am SHARP! Carpooling suggested. The admission is $10.00 but we may be able to get a group rate of $8 or $9 dollars depending on number going so bring the exact change please. You will want a tripod, normal, and short telephoto lens and a polarizer for sure. Macro may be good if you have one. You may want to photograph outdoors also. We have an optional lunch spot picked out. Leader Dennis Baker
Back to Basics Session (6:15 PM EDT)
This back to basics session you are invited to bring up to 3 images for a group critique on a flash drive.  You may want to bring images that will be used in the competition later in the month.
Regular Meeting (7:00 PM EDT)
"Composition in Depth: The Finer Points," by Lynn Garwood
Army Heritage Days (9:00 AM EDT)
Join us at the Army Heritage Center in Carlisle to photograph living history reenactors from the American Revolution to the current time. Military equipment and weapons will be on display and there is an obstacle course to see some of the equipment in action. Free parking and admission. Meet at the Outdoor Café (which is part of the Visitor and Education Center at the Army Heritage Center) in Carlisle. Leader Dave Stauffer
Back to Basics Session (6:15 PM EDT)
This Back to Basics Session will be an educational presentation which will be announced in the meeting, and updated here.
Regular Meeting - Competition (7:00 PM EDT)
Theme: ""The Best of Your Best"" Judge: Clyde McGreary Photos may have been entered into competition previously
Digital Images Black & White - "Best of the Best" (7:00 PM EDT)
Status: Judged
Digital Images Color - "Best of the Best" (7:00 PM EDT)
Status: Judged
Prints Color/Black & White - "Best of the Best" (7:00 PM EDT)
Status: Judged

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