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September 2018
September 2018
September 2018
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Regular Meeting (7:00 PM EDT)
“Image Design: Using the Principles of Design to Create Dramatic Photos” by Jennifer King
Harrisburg Photo Walk (9:00 AM EDT)
This will be a walking photo tour with a large group of us hitting some of the safe highlights in Harrisburg. We will meet in the parking lot of City Island at 9:00 am. Bring good walking shoes, minimal equipment such as a normal, wide lens and short telephoto. No tripod needed. Lunch spot to be determined.
Digital Images Black & White
Digital Images Color
Prints Color/Black & White
Back to Basics Session (6:15 PM EDT)
This Back to Basics Session will be an educational presentation which will be announced in the meeting, and updated here.
Regular Meeting - Competition (7:00 PM EDT)
Theme: None Judge: Erin Sparler
Skateboard Park in Steelton (9:00 AM EDT)
Our last skateboard park trip was rained out, so this is a reschedule of the trip. This is the newest skateboard park in the area and it is cool. We will meet at the Park to photograph the skateboarders and bicycle folks doing jumps and spins. A telephoto of 70-200 along with a normal lens is all that is needed. Knee pads suggested as you will be getting down low. The parking is limited, and you will most likely need to park on the lower level lot and walk back up to the skateboard area. Google “Skateboard Park Steelton, PA” for directions as it is tricky to get there.
Back to Basics Session (6:15 PM EDT)
This back to basics session you are invited to bring up to 3 images for a group critique on a flash drive.  You may want to bring images that will be used in the competition later in the month.
Regular Meeting (7:00 PM EDT)
Program TBD

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